Grand Format Digital Solutions

Who is Image Mill?

We are a team that understands the importance of your company’s image. It’s in our name.
Since 1996 we have dedicated our extensive resources to enhancing and promoting our client’s image through
grand format printing

At Image Mill, the successful realization of your vision is our ultimate goal. The printing processes we embrace are perfected through countless hours of color calibration, file manipulation, testing, proofing, and finishing. It’s also an exact science we live and work for every day and is achieved through our shared passion for precision, from conception to delivery.


Image Mill is located in Monroe Washington. Our 40,000 Sq ft. facility hosts some of the latest Grand Format printing equipment in the industry. We utilize both flatbed and roll to roll presses from Durst, equipped with white ink capabilities. Our Haas 4 axis CNC has proven to be invaluable by its ability to rapid prototype our client’s ideas of parts and pieces that didn’t previously exist. Our facility also includes a metal fabrication shop, sporting the new water jet by Flow Manufacturing. This water jet can cut just about anything you want; from steel, aluminum, Delren, glass, and the like up to 6'x12'.

There is no prepress better than ours. Color matching, proofing and file prep are key in a successful printing company. In fact Image Mill has gone through the effort and expense to outfit every light in our facility with 5000K lighting to obtain the greatest advantage when observing colors.

Technically, there is none better. Our

equipment is state-of-the art. The most
advanced proofing, printing and finishing
tools give us the ability to produce the
highest quality graphics and custom projects
possible, on time and on budget.

Anyone can acquire the equipment and tools
we have. Utilizing the skilled and dedicated
people as we do is the key to our success.

The sky is the limit at Image Mill. We are just
the right size – not too big, not too small –
with the tools, technology and skills to make
your designs the best they can be.
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