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Why Colors Look "Off" In Different Lighting.


is a psychophysical phenomenon commonly defined incorrectly as "two samples which match when illuminated by a particular light source and then do not match when illuminated by a different light source." In actuality, there are several types of metamerism, including sample, illuminant, observer, and geometric. The first two are most commonly referred to and also most commonly confused.
Sample metamerism: When two color samples appear to match under a particular light source but do not match under a different light source, this is "sample metamerism." One can conclude that the spectral reflectance distributions of the two samples differ slightly, and their plotted reflectance curves cross in at least two regions. By illuminating them with lights with considerably differing spectral power distributions, the visual differences between the two samples can be witnessed and even exaggerated.
Example: most people have experienced sample metamerism when putting on two socks that appeared to be black while in the bedroom, which may have incandescent lights, but later finding that one is black and the other is blue upon stepping into the kitchen, which may have fluorescent lights. The differences in the wavelength distribution between the incandescent and fluorescent lights interact with the differences in the spectral reflectance curves of the socks to make them appear the same in one light source and different in another.
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Metamerism- Why Colors Look "Off" in Different Lighting.

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