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Our Newest Edition. Durst 312 Arriving in November

In Image Mill’s tradition of staying current with advancements in digital print technology, we have recently scored a brand new Durst 312.

The Rho 312R is the most flexible and productive printer available. It will provide the ideal solution for our clients anything from extremely high quality backlits, fine art prints to POP, banners, and even wallpaper and facade decoration applications.

With a print system of over 24,000 nozzles, there is no compromise between productivity and image quality. It is capable of printing up to 2,500 sq.ft/hr in high-speed mode and up to 1,300 sq.ft/hr in POP mode. Productivity is further enhanced by the option of being able to print two 5.2 ft/1.6 m rolls of media at the same time with individual print queues. This thing is fast!